Q. How big will the trail be when completed?

A. The Coastal Anclote Trail will be 4.52 miles long and will be a 12-foot wide, multi-use paved trail when completed.

Q. How is this project being funded?

A. The design and construction of the Coastal Anclote Trail is being funded by the Penny for Pasco. This project was one of several identified for funding when the Penny for Pasco was renewed in 2012 by nearly 70 percent of the voters.

Q. How was the preferred route for the trail chosen?

A. The preferred route was determined by the “Alternatives Analysis Study for the Anclote Coastal Trail” which was approved by the Metropolitan Planning Organization on October 18, 2015 and the Board of County Commissioners on December 2, 2015. The preferred route has been laid out to best showcase the variety of natural resources and wildlife located in southwest Pasco County.

Q. How will the trail impact the natural resources in the area?

A. The Coastal Anclote Trail is being designed to have as minimal an impact as possible on its surroundings. While invasive plant species will be eliminated and some trees will have to be cut back, every effort is being made to keep the natural setting of the trail intact. This includes leaving a large tree canopy over the trail wherever possible.

Q. Will this trail be built on public or private land?

A. The majority of the property that the Coastal Anclote Trail will travel through is part of Pasco County’s Environmental Lands Acquisition and Management Program (ELAMP), which has as one of its objectives to enhance resource-based recreational opportunities. This trail is the perfect mechanism to take existing ELAMP property and add a passive recreational opportunity.

Q. Will additional land have to be purchased for this project?

A. The preferred route does not propose the acquisition of any additional right-of-way. This was accomplished by utilizing existing right-of-way, park area, protected land area owned by Pasco County, areas owned by the District School Board of Pasco County, and areas in the Duke Energy Corridor.

Q. Will there be information along the trail for users to help them with navigation and other important information?

A. Wayfinding signs will be placed all along the trail to help users identify where they are on the trail, what plants and animals might be surrounding the trail, and for other informational and safety purposes.

Q. When will this project be completed?

A. The trail construction is expected to be completed by late summer/early fall 2020.

Q. Will the trail connect with the Pinellas Trail?

A. When completed, the Coastal Anclote Trail will connect with the Pinellas Trail at the future Elfers Spur Trail Extension in Pinellas County.