Meet the Team:

Pasco County Metropolitan Planning Organization
Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is responsible for transportation planning in Pasco County. MPO planning activities are primarily funded by two federal grants that are channeled through the Florida Department of Transportation. The four groups involved in the MPO planning process are:

  1. Elected officials from four local governments (Cities) and Pasco County Commission form the MPO Board that is made up of nine voting members. FDOT District Seven is designated as a non-voting advisor.
  2. The Citizens' Advisory Committee (CAC)
  3. The Technical Advisory Committee/Congestion Management Task Force (TAC/CMP)
  4. Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC)
    The MPO is the state and federally recognized official Transportation Planning Agency for Pasco County. The MPO has an agreement with Pasco County to provide staff services which includes technical and administrative support.

The MPO is the state and federally recognized official Transportation Planning Agency for Pasco County. The MPO has an agreement with Pasco County to provide staff services which includes technical and administrative support.


Pasco County Engineering Services Project Management Division
The Project Management Division is responsible for the execution of the Transportation Capital Improvements Program (CIP). The transportation projects include new roads, improving existing roadways, addition of turn lanes and traffic signals at intersections, bridge work, and construction of new sidewalks and multi-use trails. The department provides supervision and coordination of the following project phases:

  1. Planning, through development of the Route and Pond Studies
  2. Design and Permitting
  3. Right-of-Way coordination with the Real Estate Division and the County Attorney's Office
  4. Preparation of the Bid Package for Project Advertising and Contract Award
  5. Construction Management


Pasco County Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resources
Pasco County Parks, Recreation & Natural Resources Department currently manages 35 parks, providing a variety of recreational opportunities for the residents of Pasco County, from various outdoor-based activities to programmed sports. Our parks, facilities and programs help drive the economy and provide for individual and community health by offering opportunities for physical activity, social gathering, mental rejuvenation, personal development and protection of the county’s natural resources. Our parks also provide natural and wild areas which allow visitors to enjoy and explore Florida's environment.

Our parks and programs provide intrinsic environmental, aesthetic and recreational benefits to our county. They enhance property values, protect water quality, support ecotourism, increase municipal revenue, provide flood and storm surge protection, assist in crime prevention, sustain biodiversity, bring in homebuyers and workers, and attract retirees.

Currently, Pasco County Parks, Recreation & Natural Resources:

  • Operates and maintains 35 parks, including three (3) recreation complexes, covering over 15,000 acres.
  • Assists with the management of waterway navigational issues along the coast and administers an artificial reef program.
  • Supports a regional conservation strategy by administering the Environmental Lands Acquisition and Management Program (ELAMP) to purchase environmentally-sensitive lands while presently managing approximately 4,300 acres of preservation and conservation areas.
  • Protects the county’s natural resources by administrating wetland, river and listed species regulations.


Coastal Design Consultants, Inc.
The primary consultant, Coastal Design Consultants, Inc. (Coastal), is a full-service civil engineering firm that was established in 1998 in Pasco County. Coastal’s role as lead consultant on this project is to provide the overall project management, scheduling, civil engineering, environmental permitting and construction administration for the project. Since its inception, Coastal has been recognized as a reputable, go-to firm for quality and dependability. We offer a wide range of professional services on behalf of our clients in the areas of planning, project management, civil engineering, and construction administration.

Coastal’s 20-year working history has allowed the company to develop and maintain strong relationships with both private developers and local municipal governments while growing into a successful engineering company. Coastal has completed many projects within West Central Florida, with a specific focus on working in Pasco County, which is why Coastal is unique in its ability to navigate through the intricacies of Pasco government.


Florida Design Consultants, Inc.
Founded In 1996, Florida Design Consultants, Inc. (FDC) has been serving both public and private sector clients by providing quality engineering, planning, environmental, and survey solutions. FDC’s role on the project is to provide topographic survey, design, environmental studies, and landscaping. Florida Design Consultants’ tenacity and adherence to the axiom of “Make It Happen” has grown the company into a successful corporation dedicated to helping its clients achieve their goals. This “Make It Happen” philosophy permeates FDC’s culture and solidifies its reputation for solving problems within its client’s schedule and budget.


Ayres Associates
Ayres Associates has provided planning, engineering, and construction support services since its founding in 1959. Ayres Associates’ role on this project is to provide structural engineering services. They serve clients from a network of 13 offices in five states (Florida, Arizona, Colorado, Wisconsin, and Wyoming). Their Florida operations were established in 1986 and today include offices in Tampa Hidden River Parkway (1986), Jacksonville (1994), Titusville (2015), and Tampa Benjamin Center Drive (2016). Their Florida staff of more than 40 engineers, technicians, and administrative personnel includes professionally licensed staff, plus senior-level design staff.


Tierra, Inc.
Tierra, Inc. is a full service consulting geotechnical, environmental and construction materials testing engineering firm. Tierra’s role on the project is to provide geotechnical testing and studies. Tierra was established in 1992 as a geotechnical and materials engineering firm with the intent of building upon the many years of combined experience of their founding principals. Their organization is committed to providing quality, responsive service, establishing a reputation for sound approaches and professional competence in a wide range of technically demanding areas.


RAYSOR Transportation Consulting
Raysor Transportation Consulting (Raysor) was established in 2007 and offers a full range of traffic engineering and transportation-planning services to constructively support the implementation of capital improvement programs, assist traffic engineering and operations departments, and facilitate transportation concurrency programs. RAYSOR’s role on the project is to provide traffic-related studies and signalization design services.

Raysor prides itself on providing creative, practical, and cost-effective traffic engineering and transportation planning services to its public and private sector clients.


 DJ Public Relations, Inc.
DJ Public Relations (DJPR) is a full-service public relations firm located in New Port Richey, Florida. DJPR’s role on the project is to provide information to the public regarding the project and its schedule. Since 2007, DJ Public Relations has helped local governments, private companies, nonprofit organizations and local campaigns communicate with those that directly impact their goals, whether that goal is to sell a product, get a vote, or raise awareness of an issue.